Aug 182008

August 18, 2008

Last night my former colleague and new friend Rebecca came over for a natter and we commiserated on the difficulty of finding a job under these conditions:

. In this job market

. As a journalist

. When you’re over 12

Rebecca said she eschewed going to the One Stop Career Stop meetings on how to write a resume or how to conduct an interview because she thought they would cover pretty elementary material that “any idiot would know”. But those sessions were where I heard of all these other networking events –from the crosstalk in the room and supplementary information from the lecturers.

Since Rebecca used to cover religion, she’s been seeking out informational interviews with religious institutions. But no whisper of the job has wafted out of those meetings, she says.

I told her I was contacting former sources because they know my work and they know me. She thought that was a brilliant idea and so do I. Trouble is I have contacted only two or three of these former sources so far. Still I seem to be networking my butt off somehow. Exactly with whom am I talking? A lot of unemployed people like me, I reckon.

  2 Responses to “Journos commiserating”

  1. This idiot has decided to climb down off her high horse and hightail it into those sessions after all given the advice of the high sheriff of Journalism 2008 and Beyond — the savvy Francine Brevetti.

  2. So glad Luther linked to your blog. I love reading your entries.
    I was laid off on July 2, after having been coaxed to come back from disability leave. My doctor reluctantly told me I could go in for four hours to see how it went. Welcome back. By the way, you’re fired. After working for the paper for 18 years, and rarely missing a single day, I got dumped when I needed my medical coverage the most. BANG indeed.

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