Sep 152008

Nigel Brooks was the speaker at GraceWorks today, a management consultant and expert on personal styles. He gave a simplified presentation of the Myers-Briggs system of personal styles, of which there are four: Causals (emotional hotheads like me), challengers, visionaries and stabilizers. He has offices both in Phoenix and in San Francisco and says he has acquired all of his clients, 100%, through networking.

How can you tell what type of personyou’re dealing with? By noticing the words that they use.

Challengers are people who use vocabulary such as action, adaptable, adventure, audacious, playmate, promote and negotiate.

Causals use of words such as acceptance, counsel, heal, integrity, literature, love and sensitivity.

Stabilizer, a bean counter in my language, is concerned with accountability, authority, organization, safety, honor and traditions.

Visionaries, people such as architects, are focused on analysis, the future, innovation, logic, hobbies, strategy, proof and ideas.

Of course one can be a mixture of all of these types with certain ones dominant.

I was sitting next to Nigel and offered him my card. He took one look at it and said, “causal.” My heart sank for I loved this beautiful card that I had carefully chosen from

Then he gave me what he called his “causal card”. It featured a photograph of him and he uses it for promoting himself as a public speaker and broadcaster. But he uses another one for management consulting.

I realized that if I want to attract businesses as clients that I have to design a card that will promote confidence among stabilizers and visionaries. He agreed. So back to the drawing board at

Nigel was kind enough and smart enough to send everyone whose card he acquired a link to his presentation that morning:

 And a link to a self survey to determine what type one is:
 For the survey, one is prompted for a username and password; the results will be sent back to you via email.
 The username is: specialuser
The password is: userspecial

I figured that I was a causal/challenger/visionary/stabilizer. I got it exactly right.

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