Sep 012011

Learn All You Need to Know
about writing your family history or personal biography
in a six-week workshop beginning September 17, 2011

If you’ve been telling yourself you’ll start writing down your family’s history but still haven’t gotten to it yet, now’s the time! Stop procrastinating! It’s time to get started on this very rewarding journey so you can leave a legacy for your children, family and friends and honor your life’s journey. Even if you doubt your writing abilities, you will discover you really can write! Francine will show you how.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the Forever Remembered 6 week workshop:
• How to use Mind Mapping to trigger memories and help organize your project
• Techniques in writing discipline that will keep you writing
• How to conquer Writers’ Block
• How to get the most from your interview subjects
• Writing techniques that will help you weave a more interesting story that will keep your readers captivated

Here’s what you’ll take away from this exciting workshop:
• A first draft of your manuscript
• A new perspective on your life
• The Inspiration and motivation to complete your writing project
• The confidence that your story is interesting to others and that you can tell it
• Best of all: You’ll get started!

Your workshop leader, Francine Brevetti, is a seasoned journalist and accomplished author of five biographies and company histories. She will show you how to develop your manuscript and make the writing of your own story a cherished and rewarding experience.

Here’s what past participants have said:

“Francine’s class will take you to unexpected places…put on your seatbelt and enjoy the ride!”
–Joanne B., San Francisco

“Francine’s class showed me how to use mind mapping effectively. The writing exercises about stimulating memories with the five senses were very helpful. The conversations with fellow participants were thought-provoking and very insightful.” — Tracy S., San Francisco

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Sep 012011

Valerie Camarda was dumbfounded. She took the six-week workshop “Forever Remembered” to guide her in writing her life story.

The San Francisco marketing specialist says, “I really never considered myself a writer but Francine’s class inspired me and helped me discover my inner writer. She guided us through the process and helped me uncover fabulous stories I could relay in my writing. Her interviewing techniques were particularly helpful. Now I’m excited about writing my family’s history.”

That people have reservations about their ability to write “has been a common refrain from the workshop,” observes Brevetti. That’s why conquering so-called “writer’s block” is a big part of the experience she offers.
The author of the history of the Fior d’Italia “The Fabulous Fior — Over 100 Years in an Italian Kitchen”, Brevetti has been writing memoirs for individuals for several years. This past year she has introduced a six-week workshop on the restaurant’s premises.

She realized that under this economy many people cannot afford to have their memoirs — or the biography of a parent — written by a ghostwriter or a collaborator such as herself. “So I started this workshop for people who are motivated to do it themselves,” she says.

Brevetti says the hardest thing people have to do to end up with an autobiography is to finish it.
“Many people want to write their life story and some of them actually start. Very few finish,” she observes. “Actually people frequently arrive in my workshops with manuscripts they had already started but they get stuck.”

In the curriculum for this six-week experience participants are instructed how to organize their project, stimulate memories of important moments in their life and convey those experiences feelingly in their manuscript. She also guides them on doing research to provide background for their narratives.

Berkeley resident Leah Joseph had been keeping journals for years. She says, “I am sure that without taking Francine’s class I would NEVER have poured over my papers. The Saturday classes were so enjoyable, you wanted to come with what ever your self given homework was for the week.”

Josephs says she benefited from guidance about writing a manuscript, interviewing people, editing one’s work and choices for publishing.

Nobody leaves the six-week workshop having completed their manuscript, Brevetti says. “But if they do the homework, they can finish a draft.”

The support and camaraderie experienced in these workshops has been remarkable, participants say. Even after the end of the past workshop, they want to continue meeting and supporting each other.

“Francine’s class will take you to unexpected places. Put on your seat-belt and enjoy the ride,” says Joanne Butcher, a San Francisco filmmaker.

The next session of “Forever Remembered” begins Saturday, September 17 from 1:45 PM to 4 PM at the Fior d’Italia Restaurant, 2237 Mason St. in San Francisco’s North Beach. A six-week course, it ends on October 22. Contact

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