Dec 122012

Well-known Bay Area Journalist and Author,

Francine Brevetti to appear on Blog Talk Radio

Tune in Monday, December 17 at 8:30 A.M.

and Friday, December 21 at noon

Monday, December 17 at 8:30 A.M.

Hear first-hand what it’s like to write your own book by listening to Francine Brevetti on Internet radio. Francine will share the top 5 things it takes to start writing a non-fiction book. Eileen Williams’ show, The Feisty Side of Fifty, celebrates Baby Boomer women who are transforming the spirit and style of aging.

Eileen will interview Francine on:

  • Why so many people are writing memoirs lately.
  • Understanding why you’re writing your book – is it because you want to leave a family history for your descendants, or to heal your soul, or  make a statement about your life?
  • How to kick start the writing process and deal with writers’ block.
  • Knowing who your intended audience is so that you can better shape your story.
  • How to establish a discipline of writing.

Friday, December 21 at NOON

Francine will be talking to Sharyn Abbott, ( an author, speaker, publisher and business coach. They will discuss the challenges writers face in starting and completing their manuscripts. Topics will include:

  • How to continue writing your manuscript until it is completed.
  • How to see your manuscript through by publishing independently.


Listeners are encouraged to call in and ask questions of Francine and hosts on each show.