Jun 032013

Since February 2013 I have been working with a nonprofit Under the Baobab Tree, www.UTBT.org.

My friend Lisa Bernard, one of the directors, originally introduced me to her to co-directors, Raj Patel and Yo Yoshida, to discuss the possibility of writing a book about the charity. But it became clear that Under the Baobab Tree needed to update its collateral material.

So I have been designing and drafting a press kit for them.

The work they are doing is admirable. In 1997 the Patel family built a school in a tiny village on the Malawi side of Lake Malawi. Since then they have been supporting the school and feeding each student –400+– a meal a day.

They’ve also brought the village and its students to the attention of the country’s Ministry of Education. Through their contacts, UTBT conducted a health assessment test of all the villagers.

It’s my honor to be working with them.