Jun 172014

La Scintilla – June 17, 2014

Oxytocin – the love and bonding hormone – is powering Dr. Toni Galardi’s next book.

The Italian-American psychotherapist, executive coach, and resident of Marin County, published a well-regarded book in 2010 on how to adapt to change in times of crisis.

The LifeQuake Phenomenon–How to Thrive (Not Just Survive) in Times of Personal and Global Upheaval, is a roadmap on achieving resilience in periods of extreme pressure and stress. (www.lifequake.net)

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La Scintilla  – June 17, 2014


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Jun 102014

Nob Hill Gazette – June 2014

Conventional wisdom tells us that the technology tribes, and their multiplying startups, have invaded San Francisco, resulting in inflated property prices and higher rents, while pushing out many of the city’s oldest residents and natives. And those huge, private buses that hog entire city streets—shipping employees to and from Mountain View—have become a barely tolerated nuisance. Well, ever-tolerant San Francisco, get ready to change your views.

Some of San Francisco’s most needy denizens, plagued by poverty, homelessness, and lack of education, are beginning to reap benefits from many of these, soon-to-be-formerly unwelcome high-tech newcomers and companies. And with an estimated 2,000 tech companies located right in the city—employing nearly 50,000 workers—that means a lot of good will be rolling their way.

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Jun 092014

La Scintilla -  June 9, 2014

Can Cathy Codispoti Robbins do for Southern Italy what she’s done for Native Americans? Can she shed a light on their strengths and their current realities–not on demeaning stereotypes?

An award-winning journalist, Robbins wrote an acclaimed book called All Indians Do Not Live in Teepees (or Casinos). It was published in 2012 by Bison Press, an imprint of the University of Nebraska.

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Jun 032014
What’s It Costing YOU
NOT to write your book?
NOT to be seen as an expert in your field?

If you are in business, you may want to write a book with your name on it as the author.You want to write it to be seen as an expert in your field but you don’t know how to proceed – is that it?So you do nothing. What’s it costing you in lost business?
Marketing firm Rain Today determined that 56% of entrepreneurs who had published a book with their name on the cover showed an increase in new leads. That’s what it’s costing you!

But you don’t have time. Or you’re not a writer. Or you want to write it yourself but don’t know how to proceed. All of these reasons are perfectly understandable.

But they shouldn’t dissuade you because you can find help in a ghostwriter or a book coach – someone like me. In fact, me, Francine Brevetti, the Legend Crafter.

Let me offer you a complimentary hour of consultation to help you focus and decide how to go forward. Whether you need a book coach or ghostwriter, or you have questions about publishing,  these are all areas of my expertise.

I always record these conversations and send you back the MP3 file so you can listen again.
I find people hear things differently the second time around.

Don’t let your insecurities or your limited time keep you from showing yourself as the expert you are with your name as author on a book.


While searching for something on LinkedIn, the words “When are you going to write your book?” caught my eye and held my attention.  Those words led me to Francine Brevetti’s website…  We connected and Francine inspired me to actually write what I have put on the back burner for years.  Now I’m writing with confidence and having fun doing it.   I would recommend Francine to anyone who needs a gentle push in the right direction.  I think she is not only a great book coach but also a great writing muse.

Janette Calabro
Omaha, NE

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