Jul 242014
How much longer will you put off writing that book?

Quick and Easy Pointers
on Writing Your Nonfiction Book

Remember that book that you’ve been meaning to write — about your life story, your business, your philosophy or your art?

How long have you been thinking about it?
How much longer will you keep thinking about it until you actually dive in?

Here are some useful guidelines that will get you started– free on my website: www.legendcrafter.com.

Simply log on and download:
10 Secrets to Writing Your Life Story (or any nonfiction book).
8 Steps to Working with a Ghost Writer

Write or call me if you desire a complimentary consultation on how to start and finish your book. I’ll record our talk and send you back the MP3 file. Free.

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Jul 162014
4 Easy Steps to Writing Your Life Story
A 4-part Audio Tool with 2 Bonuses for only $34.99

If you have ever felt moved to write about your life or your family history but haven’t begun because you were clueless on how to get started – here is the solution!   This four-part audio guide, WRITING THE STORY WITHIN, will show you how to begin memorializing your stories.

Many of us never start because we allow ourselves to become overwhelmed by the very idea of such a project. Or some start but get stymied and stop. Here we will break down each element in the writing process in an easy to understand step-by-step approach. You can do this.

This four-part downloadable audio, WRITING THE STORY WITHIN, plus two bonus supplements, will help you:

  • Focus on your subject matter
  • Determine who your audience will be
  • Learn fun techniques to evoke vivid memories and write about them
  • Engage your imagination
  • Begin the writing process and move past writer’s block
  • Write about difficult subject matter, something first-time authors frequently stumble on
  • Learn the more practical aspects of producing your book. You will hear ways to find a professional editor and the basic steps to finding an agent or publisher.
Before you begin to write word one, listen to this audio guide, WRITING THE STORY WITHIN. It will make the process of writing so much easier. It will save you time and give you an insider’s know-how so you don’t spend unnecessary time away from your income-earning activities. Don’t wait another minute! Download the audio guide now and begin to write the story within you!

2 Bonuses! 2 more discs include:
–An inspiring session of “memory prompts” – scores of questions and suggestions to inspire you to recall the past from cradle to career, from family to finances.
–And now when you buy WRITING THE STORY WITHIN you will get Francine’s ebook, THE SEARCH FOR YOUR LIFE free with your purchase. This ebook explains how to find material for your life story or your family history by going beyond your own memory. It’s a valuable adjunct.

You will get both the four-part audio guide, memory prompts and THE SEARCH FOR YOUR LIFE for only $34.99! To start writing now, go to: www.legendcrafter.com.

Testimonial: “Francine’s easy-to-understand techniques got me inspired to start writing immediately! The audio guide’s exercises really helped me figure out my story line and how to weave my story together.” – Valerie Camarda, San Francisco

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Jul 102014

02_Francine_Brevetti_JournalismFrancine Brevetti covered the Port of Oakland among other beats during her 10-year tenure at the Oakland Tribune. Here she is climbing the Jacob’s ladder of a containership entering the harbor in order to interview the ship’s pilot.

To review Francine’s journalistic work read more.