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Playing with Your Gray  Matter #2

In our last posting, we explained how to stimulate your brain to create new ideas and associations that are lying under the surface of your consciousness.

Here’s a link to our former discussion.

Suppose you are developing a project and/or book and you’ve drafted a mind map starting with the topic’s name as the central kernel. You’ve drawn branches and associations, added colors, cartoons and symbols. Right?

But to turn your idea cluster into prose, you don’t stop there. Each one of the little pods, symbols or tentacles in your mind map will be the basis for yet another illustration.

Say your mind map topic is about “landscaping.” Through your clustering and sketching new ideas on the map, that topic blossoms into many other subtopics. Each subtopic can be a new map. So for instance a landscaping subtopic might be “tree.”  This in turn can be the kernel of another mind map, under which you grow associations for deciduous or non-deciduous, flowering or not, height or color or position in your garden.

You may go on to create another map about shrubbery or night blooming flowers, each with its own subdivisions and branches of thought and content.

At some point with all of this drafting and cartooning, you get a gut feeling. You have created several clusters that illustrate all the content you’ve unearthed from your thoughts. Your insides say, “I’m done.”

No, this is not a scientific measurement; it’s an intuitive one. You know when you know.
There is no right way to do this. Only your way.

You stand back and peruse all of your illustrations. With your intuition and your wisdom, you make decisions about what comes first in your text. If you’ve been detailed enough and created enough content on the mind maps, your prose can flow.

Write quickly, write badly and write a lot.  Editing comes later; that’s when the left side of your brain goes to work and not before.

Here are some great books on mind mapping:

  • The Mind Map Book by Tony Buzan
  • Writing the Natural Way by Gabriele Lusser Rico

Have fun and write your book.

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