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Just ReleasedCat Naps & Doggie Snorts – the Joy of Sleeping with Critters

Why are Rover and Kitty sleeping in your bed?
Taboo or must do – you decide!

San Francisco, CA…In the newly released book, Cat Naps & Doggie Snorts – the Joy of Sleeping with Critters, Author and Book Coach Francine Brevetti shares heartwarming real life stories of people sleeping with their pets – dogs and cats, rabbits, rats, birds, horses, pigs and a snake. Yes, a snake.

You’ll see why the persistent little critters depicted in these stories have won the hearts of their human companions. Touching and laugh-out-loud funny, these tales may move the reader to  to make room for Rover at the foot of their bed. Or under the covers.

Found to be comforting and therapeutic for both owner and pets alike, sleeping with pets is no longer considered unhealthy or taboo. So often, pets are considered to be members of the family and are treated as such with an honored place in the master’s bed. Their presence is soothing and beneficial.

But there are some bumps in the night as well, for instance, the occasional eviction of a 60-pound dog or little ankle-biter from the bed not to mention spats between spouses about who should sleep where.

One of the highlights of the book is a story told by Grace from South Carolina. She and her husband own two cats, three dogs and a bird. The runt of the menagerie is little Brooklyn, a rescued Toy poodle with only three legs. Brooklyn has no idea he’s missing a leg and runs circles around the other dogs and cats and constantly teases Chewy the Love bird. When it comes time to go to sleep Brooklyn gets his choice of coveted spots on the bed nestled between Grace and her husband. No one argues with feisty little Brooklyn!

This book will make a wonderful holiday gift for any pet owner, young or old. Now available on for $14.95 and on Kindle.

Author Francine Brevetti is a journalist and book coach who teaches people how to write books about their families or companies. For more information about the author visit

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