Feb 032015

Play in our sandbox with us EVERY Wednesday at 10am PST.

10 AM PST is the time we are waiting for you to join us in THE WRITERS PLAYGROUND

You dear folks who have signed up for THE WRITERS PLAYGROUND for the incredibly affordable price of $50 a month can bring your friend to join you – the two of you for only $97 a month. There’s still time to join – even solo.

What could be more fun than talking about your writing project, past, present or envisioned with people you already know, love and support you?

Join us by dialing into 712-775-7031
and punching in your meeting ID 312416198*

Do you ever wonder: Do I really have something to say? Will people be interested in my project or book? Am I able to write what is in my mind and heart? Am I professional?

Leave your shame at the door. No question is  stupid!

As the term The Writers Playground implies, we’re going to have fun, relax and hang loose. You have the opportunity to discuss any blocks/confusions you may have; or you may simply need information about resources, for instance, where to find an editor, how to check grammar, how to structure your document, how to do research. But not limited to these.

I will open with some topics to consider but feel free to jump in with any questions or concerns of your own.

Pay through PayPal to Francine@FrancineBrevetti.com.

For more information or to make a reservation, call 415-397-7830 or e-mail francinecbrevetti@gmail.com

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