Nov 022015


“Why would you have an animal if you couldn’t sleep with it?  To feel his little body and just know that he’s there,” remarked San Franciscan Adrienne Sciutto. So opens Cat Naps & Doggie Snorts—The Joy of Sleeping with Critters – the perfect gift for animal lovers on your holiday list. Only $14.95, this enchanting collection of real people’s stories sleeping with their animals –from dogs and cats to bunnies and birds (not to mention livestock, rodents and you wouldn’t believe – a boa constrictor!). Cat Naps And Doggie Snorts is not a joke book! While you will certainly read humorous anecdotes and absurd passages of human and animal interactions, this collection covers the range of emotional interactions. Reviewers have likened it to Chicken Soup for the Soul for its wealth of touching stories. Cat Naps And Doggy Snorts – The Joy of Sleeping with Critters is sure to be a hit for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas gift giving. Take headache out of gift giving and save by ordering your books now: Go to and click the link that says “Shop Now.” Happy holidays. Www.

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