Nov 112015

Even if you’re not a writer

Businesswoman Terri came to me asking how to market her book about her company. Problem was, she hadn’t written it yet. “Oh, I have notes all over the place,” she assured me.

On the other hand, Richard had written 800 pages on a business subject and wanted to know how to market his gargantuan tome.

Both of these talented people (not their real names) had conceived worthy and useful projects that they wanted to write, publish and sell.

What they were missing was the guidance and the structure to make that happen. Here’s where I can help. In this book I am going to lead you through choices you have to make to write your book:

  • how to actually start writing; how to generate content so that you turn readers into clients or customers;
  • how to find support for writing your book.
  • And so many other pointers that you can’t find in books targeted for “Idiots” or “Dummies.”   Although helpful, such books discuss publishing and marketing your work. They don’t talk much about writing it. Mine does. Besides, you are neither an idiot nor a dummy.


This blog is meant as an introduction to an upcoming e-book entitled,

The Quick and Dirty Way to Write the Book about Your Business

This e-book will sell for $9.95 upon publication.

Or you can order it now for only $7.75.

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