Nov 192015


The Boom in Solo Entrepreneurship and How to Become an Author

5 STEPS to Writing the Book about Your Business

Even if you’re not a writer

Since the recession of 2008, entrepreneurship has exploded as folks were laid off from steady jobs and had to draw on their initiative to create income. Once wage earners, the people who stepped forward are taking control of their lives and their schedules. They are branching out, sharing their gifts and talents.

Meanwhile, many seniors who are not ready to retire are also choosing entrepreneurship. This way they can offer their vast wealth of knowledge and experience to a new audience and marketplace.

As the competition among solo entrepreneurs has stiffened, new ways of marketing have emerged, bolstered significantly by social media and the Internet.

Authoring a book is now seen as an essential addition to an enterprise’s portfolio of marketing materials. With this push to publish, two new avenues for creating your book have emerged.

One is the multi-author book to which you contribute a chapter in a volume filled with chapters from your competitors.  Another is by taking an online course that promises to show you how to write your book over the weekend or in 30 days or some other astoundingly short period of time.

I don’t think either option shows you at your professional best.

But for the person who wants to present himself or herself as an expert and bring their depth of experience and wisdom to readers who will become clients, writing a complete book of professional quality is the best way to go. I think it’s the only way to go.

I want here to give you an idea of the content of soon-to-be-published e-book,  5 STEPS to Writing the Book about Your Business — Even If  You’re Not a Writer.

While there are many books on how to write a book, the majority focuses on how to market and publish your book. My book will teach you how to write it — how to get the thoughts from the tofu between your ears onto the Word document.

This e-book will cost $9.95 when it comes out later this year. But if you order it now, you pay only $7.95.

Order now and pay by PayPal to

Still unsure?  If you want a 20-minute free consultation with me, just ask.

I am Francine Brevetti, an author, journalist, ghostwriter and book coach. My website is

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