Jan 052016


Sunday, January 17,  2-4 PM

home-pic3Remember those stories grandpa used to tell after Sunday dinner? Or the time Aunt Rosie fell in the stream when you all were on a picnic? But now Aunt Rosie is gone.

Where did you put that album of grandma’s old mementos from her girlhood?

Let’s capture these wonderful tales while you still remember them so you can share them with your loved ones and pass them onto your descendants.

Time goes so fast, doesn’t it?

Come join me, Francine Brevetti, author and biographer, at the second floor conference room of Cypress Lawn Funeral Home in Colma, California on Sunday, January 17, 2-4 PM.

We will talk about how to collect these touching memories and how to write them.

Probably, you have been meaning to do this for a long time.

Finally, you can.

Bring your notebooks and a pen.

Here is a link to the directions:




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