Jul 142016

strangers in good company pic


In the midst of all the disheartening and horrifying news we are bombarded with every day, it lifts my heart to witness a spectacular gift of love, unbidden and with no strings attached.

It concerns a young couple in the Central Valley who selflessly offered themselves as parents for a couple they did not know who were seeking to adopt a child.

San Francisco residents Rev. Ken Daigle and his husband, JD Schramm, had been seeking to adopt a child for several years. They had two devastating disappointments and plenty of other obstacles to face, especially as a gay couple. Through social media, their search for an adoptable child reached the ears and computers of Sandy and Mario who already had a little girl.

Instinctively, they offered to bear a child for Ken and JD. And so they did, delivering little Roma Audrey to them at her birth a year ago.

This week, July 12, marks Roma’s first year and the proud papas produced a great a shindig celebrating their little daughter’s birthday. About 50 people including assorted children feted the infant with stacks of petits fours, cakes, barbecue and a piñata. And piles of gifts.

Sandy and Mario were there, Sandy already pregnant with her next child.

I had to know the reason for this astounding generosity so I screwed up my courage and approached Sandy.

I asked her why she had agreed to conceive and deliver a baby for a couple she did not know.

Her response, with her hand on her heart: “I just had to. I don’t know, I just had to.”

The attached image of the movie, “Strangers in Good Company,” is merely meant to echo the theme of what “strangers” can and do offer each other.

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