Aug 232016

Writing the Story within

When I ask people why they feel committed to writing their life story, they usually say things like:

  • I want my grandchildren to know what I went through.
  • I want to share my father’s recollections of the old country.
  • I want to remember my mother’s traditions.
  • Or I want to review my life and understand how I became who I am, how I got here.

But more and more I hear people offer a new explanation: “I want to help people,” they say.

Many believe that recounting all of their life’s confusions, tragedies, heartache, recovery and triumphs will support and enlighten others on similar paths.

I’ve heard this from people who have had addiction problems, who are gay or transgender, who had violent and abusive childhoods and even suffered violence in their adult life. Serial marriages, abandonment, you name it.

So if you have had a crazy, unpredictable life path, you may find fulfillment and a sense of contribution by sharing it with others. You may inspire them with hope and courage. What have you got to lose? You have come this far, haven’t you?

I am an  author, journalist and biographer, and I am offering again this six-week course, Writing the Story within. Beginning Thursday, September 15, 6:30 to 8:30 PM, and running through October 20, I will hold this experience at Unity SF, 2222 Bush St., San Francisco.

You don’t necessarily have to want to write a book. But if you are burning to express your experiences in life or someone else’s, this course is a great way to launch such a project.

I will teach several techniques such as stimulating memory, mind mapping, structuring your story, how to interview other people and elements of publishing. And especially, how to start writing and keep writing.

Many folks want to start their memoir or autobiography but find it difficult to finish.  Now is the time to get this valuable help.

The cost of this 6-week course is $125 if you sign up before September 1. As of September 1, the price will be $150.

To sign up, write to or send your money through PayPal.

Here are just some of the testimonials from the participants in the May-June 2016 course.

(Based on a scale of 1 to 10) I gave Francine 10 primarily because her information and expertise are outstanding.

Francine has a wealth of information to share about the process, challenges in the art of memoir writing. Her course can be taken by writers just beginning their memoir or by writers well into their work. She is able to speak to the issues involved in producing and memoir from start to finish.

– – Susan L’ Heureux


I was new to writing and the material turned out to be exactly what I needed to feel confident enough to move forward.  Francine set a safe place to explore, share and learn.  Her insistence on continuing to write and just get it down on paper was so helpful.

– – H. Brock Ford

I am happy to give both Francine and the class my unreserved and wholehearted recommendation.  The class gave me lots of practical tips that helped me improve my writing, and Francine’s gentle editorial hints were both encouraging and helpful.  The class helped me find my voice, and motivated me to both write more and share my work with others.  Take this class–you will not regret it!

– – Ray Kingsley



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