Do You Want To Be?

If you are someone who is almost at the top of his or her arena – whether you are a celebrity in your field or a corporate executive – now is the time to monetize your position and reach further.

In 90 days you can have a tool that galvanizes you to share your most important message in a leveraged way, further bolstering your long term credibility. It will provide low cost exposure and reach a larger number of people than you have had to date.

In this process you will earn passive income instead of having to invest in more public relations. A volume showing your name as author will unlock doors that are open only to successful authors. In record time you can enter the top fringe of the elite community you wish to enjoy. Your book will usually enable you to command higher fees, attract more free exposure and generate a flow of demand from qualified prospects that you do not need to advertise for.

Once you have a book under your own name, print and broadcast journalists usually want to interview you more frequently. They are always looking for new subjects to offer the public. You will attract speaking engagements where you can sell this book as well as on your website – accruing passive income. You can attract various marketing deals that will be other channels for sales.

A book with your name as author is the path to dominating your space in your industry and monetizing your position further. When you offer to your prospects, agents, followers, clients and colleagues you will impress them with your expertise and credibility many times over.

You will need a book if you:

  • have created any sort of intellectual property ( patents, copyrights or trade marks, books you’ve authored or other artistic media);
  • provide coaching, speaking, consulting services; or
  • speak in a business-to-business setting or directly to consumers
  • speak at conferences and Expos
  • want to be quoted in the media.

For years I have worked with some of the highest-ranking executives and wealthiest individuals in this country and in Asia as a business journalist, book coach and ghostwriter. I know the steps you need to take to help you express and distribute your message – of which you will have full control.

Most executives and celebrities who have their thoughts and messages written in book form pay tens of thousands of dollars to ghostwriters or book coaches. People who try to write their books themselves often give up in frustration. I and most ghostwriters usually charge up to $50,000 to ghostwrite a client’s book. Here you get a program that is a minute fraction of that amount and in a concentrated time frame because we are working as a team.

But now you can use this easy-to-implement structured system to have success for a mere $2500, payable in 3 installments.

Purchase Today
1 payment $2500

Or Payable in 3 installments
of $833.33

Most people working on their own take many months or years to finish their book. Most give up in discouragement. But with our support, in 90 days you can have one of the most affordable and powerful brand statements that positions you as an expert in your industry.

We work only with those people whose commitment is obvious and whose project is likely to be successful. For a low price you can get excellent results in fewer than 60 days, assuming you present the qualifications to produce a successful book.

A preliminary consultation will establish whether your motivation and ideas can profit from our systematic, easy-to-implement method.

If we find this is not a good match, we can refer you to someone else who can serve you.

You can do this at an incredibly low price. Our schedule is limited. CONTACT US NOW for an initial complimentary consultation. You only to yourself to let your light shine.
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