Finally you have a voice. You can immortalize your story – whether it’s your life story or your family history.

This program is useful for any non-fiction book – any subject on which you have expertise or for which you have a passion.

Expressing your story is a powerful way to heal your soul and to document your contributions on this planet. It is personally transformative and your wisdom will enlighten others. Graduates of this process achieve new perspectives on their lives and release limiting beliefs.

In 60 days you can have a book you will be proud of that showcases the highlights of your life, your lessons, endeavors or your family history.

Children are frequently curious about the lives their parents and grandparents lived and about their cultural origins. This work will answer questions your descendents may have about who they are. This amazing personal journey is a family bonding experience. You will leave a legacy for decades to come. Your  priceless memories can be a gift for your parents,  not to mention burnishing your reputation among your  friends and contacts. You will find the love you express by merely writing this document will come right back to you. Your love quotient with others will soar.

By writing your story, or that of your parents, you create a gift for your family that illustrates their unique place in history. Consider this a project as an appreciated gift for holidays, family celebrations and a longtime legacy.

If you have no descendants or family, nonetheless you may wish to make a statement about your life, clarifying the path that brought you to this point.  You may think of this as part of  your quest for a new perspective on your life. You will in this process be able to articulate your authentic self, why and how you became who you are.

We provide a simple proven system so you will have your manuscript ready to publish in 60 days. We will guide you so you can achieve this milestone easily on a small budget.


Call now 415 397 -7830 to see if you are the right match for this method. We work only with those people whose commitment is obvious and whose project is likely to be successful. For a low price – a mere $1000, payable in 3 installments – you can get excellent results in fewer than 60 days.

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A preliminary consultation will establish whether your motivation and ideas can profit from our systematic, easy-to-implement method. Our calendar is limited so call soon for complimentary consultation.

You know you want to do this. Life is short. Let me help you start now.

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