Does Your Reputation Reflect the Quality of Your Service or Product?



What do Bill and Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and Barack Obama have in common? They are all published authors; they each wrote books about their lives, their endeavors and their passions.  Now you also can too.

One of the most experienced ghostwriters and book coaches in America who has written the books for some of America’s wealthiest  executives offers a crash course on how to achieve a book that will increase your professional reputation and your profits efficiently and affordably.

Your long-held wish to write a book, to see your name on the cover as its author, and to reach a new audience can be achieved in three months with the guidance and coaching of respected author and book coach Francine Brevetti.

A book with your name as author is the path to dominating your space in your industry and monetizing your position further. When you  offer or sell your book to your prospects,  followers, clients and colleagues you will impress them with your expertise and credibility many times over.

You will need a book if you:

  • have created any sort of intellectual property ( patents, copyrights or trade marks, books you’ve authored or other artistic media);
  • provide coaching, speaking, consulting services;
  • speak in a business-to-business setting or directly to consumers;
  • speak at conferences and Expos; and
  • want to be quoted in the media.


If  you do the work with discipline and on schedule as described in this successful program , you will achieve a manuscript to be proud of .

For a mere $2199, payable in three payments (or $2,000 in one payment), this program will help you achieve what you’ve been yearning for in three months.

Purchase Today
1 payment $2199

Or Payable in 3 installments
of $733

As soon as we’ve received your deposit of  $733, we can begin your initial strategic planning.

During our 90-minute consultation we will brainstorm and focus on your key idea and create ideas for your content. We will determine the problem your book will solve for clients or the message you want to deliver.

During our second consultation, we examine the drafts you’ve created to date and guide you forward. In our final communication, we will help you wrap up your manuscript, ensure that it is in excellent shape to be published, and decide how and whether you want to go forward in publishing it.

We work only with those people whose commitment is obvious and whose project is likely to be successful. For a low price you can get excellent results in fewer than 60 days, assuming you present the qualifications to produce a successful book.

A preliminary consultation will establish whether your motivation and ideas can profit from our systematic, easy-to-implement method.

If we find this is not a good match, we can refer you to someone else who can serve you.

You can do this at an incredibly low price. Our schedule is limited. CONTACT US NOW for an initial complimentary consultation. Let your light shine.


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