Writing The Story Within

Here’s a Must-Have Tool to Get You Writing Your Story Now!

If you have ever considered writing a story about your life, or your family history, but haven’t begun because you were clueless on how to get started – here is the solution!

Whether you’re considering writing a memoir or a series of episodes from your life, this four-part audio guide, WRITING THE STORY WITHIN, will show you how to begin memorializing the story within you.  Many of us never get started because we allow ourselves to become overwhelmed by the very idea of starting such a project. Here we will break down each element in the writing process in an easy to understand step-by-step approach.

This four-part downloadable audio, WRITING THE STORY WITHIN will help you to:

  • Answer for yourself why you are writing your story.
  • Determine what the subject matter is and who your audience will be.
  • Learn fun techniques to evoke vivid memories well enough to write about them.
  • Engage your imagination with the simple technique of mind-mapping before you outline.
  • Begin the writing process and move past writers block.
  • Enjoy scores of memory prompts – questions and suggestions to spark memories.
  • Learn how to interview intimates who will add a different perspective to your story and remind you of times past.
  • Write about difficult subject matter, something first-time authors frequently stumble on.
  • Learn the more practical aspects of producing your book. You will hear ways to find a professional editor and the basic steps to finding an agent or publisher.

Before you begin to write word one, listen to this audio guide, WRITING THE STORY WITHIN.
It will make the process of writing so much easier. It will save you time and give you an insider’s know-how on what to spend your money on and what to avoid. Don’t wait another minute!
Download the audio guide now and begin to write the story within you!

2 Bonuses!

An inspiring session of “memory prompts” – scores of questions and suggestions to inspire you to recall the past from cradle to career, from family to finances.

And now when you buy WRITING THE STORY WITHIN you will get Francine’s latest ebook, THE SEARCH FOR YOUR LIFE
FREE with your purchase.
This ebook explains how to find material for your life story or your family history by going beyond your own memory. It’s a valuable adjunct. You will get both the four-part audio guide

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